Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Estate Sale Goodies

WHEW! I've been inspired by this neat new blog, MissBargainHuntress, to do more with my Etsy shop and garage sale and thrift store treasure hunting. The trouble is, my schedule doesn't always allow for shopping on weekend mornings, the very BEST time to hit yard sales. I was able, this weekend, to drop by an Estate Sale (I was supposed to be picking up kitty litter - oops!) where I found these gorgeous 925 sterling silver Celtic earrings. I don't know exactly what the stones are, they look like blue topaz to me, but I couldn't say for sure.

What I was certain about was that they would sell, before they even got to my Etsy store....and they did. HUZZAH! I wish I had a dozen more pairs! Now I'm waiting impatiently for this Saturday. Who knows what treasures we'll find? Are you with me? ;)

Friday, June 5, 2015

Out on a limb....

So yesterday I signed my first contract as a producer. And my hands didn't even shake. Much. When I say "producer" I should explain. I'm not backing a film or a show, I'm hosting and putting together a stage combat workshop. What is stage combat, you may ask? Weeeeelllll, stage combat is how actors perform violence in movies, tv and on stage without ever hurting anyone. Think of the knife fight in West Side Story or the duels in Romeo and Juliette. Or the fights in the movie Gladiator? All stage combat. Choreographed, simulated violence to tell a dramatic story. And it's HELLA fun to do.

But guess what? Here in Delaware, there aren't currently any ongoing stage combat classes. And that makes me sad. I don't WANT to take a Mommy and Me Yoga class, I want to swing my BROADSWORD at somebody. (and yes, I DO own a broadsword. She's 4 pounds and I can wield her one handed, if I have to. I keep her under the bed.) So what's a scrappy lass to do? Why, bring the fighting to DE, of course! 

And that's how that all got started. A buddy of mine in the Society of American Fight Director's, Michael Chin, is a sanctioned Fight Master. And he's agreed to come on down from New York City, where he teaches at a little arts school named Juilliard. (Ever heard of it?). He'll teach the fighting, biting and smiting and I'm throwing together the particulars, such as location, students, tuition, publicity, etc. I just signed a contract with Opera Delaware to rent this space for two days. Ulp. And pay them for it. Double ulp. So now it's really real.

To make this workshop fly I need ten paying actor/combatants. That's enough to rent the space, pay Mike, feed and water him, put him in a hotel for two nights and pay for transportation. 10. I need 10. That is the number I'm meditating on today. If you have any good vibes, send 'em my way. Think 10, people!

If you want to learn more about The Delaware Down and Dirty, click here!


Have a great day and fight nice, everyone!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

OOOO, lookey! Fat Joey Knitwear's orange baby hat with flower was featured in this beautiful treasury! Thanks, Tatyana! www.etsy.com/treasury/MjE4MTExOTZ8MjcyNDk5MjQwOQ/orange-treasury

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What else is in my Etsy shop, you may ask? Oh, many, many things. I specialize in hand knit goodies and vintage treasure. A portion from every sale goes directly to charity in honor of the Late, Great Fat Joey, pictured here.

Joey, who hated Easter. I wonder why?
In fact, if you've never heard it, here is the story of Fat Joey Knitwear. Enjoy and see you soon!
Fat Joey Knit Wear (warm as a kitten) was created to honor the memory of the late, great Fat Joey. Joey (who was really only ever big-boned) was a foundling rescued from the mean streets of Philadelphia and my constant companion for twelve years. It broke my heart when he passed away in 2009.

Since I also volunteer at local animal shelters, I thought the best way to remember Joe would be to help other critters have food, medical attention and eventually, loving homes. Therefore a portion from every sale of FJKW goes to either the Paws shelter in Philadelphia, or City Kitties, in West Philly. Sometimes it's 10%, sometimes it's a 100%!

I was thrilled when I first realized my knits would sell and deeply grateful to be able to help the kitties, even in a small way. Thank you so much for stopping by. Wishing you every happiness,

Me and Fat Joey (in spirit)
Here is a link to my shop, if you want to nose around. I add things often, so stop by frequently to see all the latest. https://www.etsy.com/shop/fatjoeyknitwear?ref=pr_shop_more

Hey Friends, just a quickie, but this site has the CUTEST ways to make your graduation tassels into Christmas ornaments. Definitely worth the click! Congrats to all Grads and the people who love them!
Sooooo, IF my rotten, lousy computer could be persuaded to upload the photos I just took, I'd be able to show you my beautiful and quirky thrift store finds from this week. BUT, tears, pleading, threats, bribes and turning the darn thing on and off again have all proved fruitless and I'm bummed. Foiled again. Maybe I could take pictures with my phone, post them to Facebook, save them to my computer and THEN upload them to the blog? Although, just typing that made me want to take a nap.

All righty, here is a truly mediocre picture of the beautiful music box I liberated from the thrift store yesterday. It's in perfect condition, though a vintage piece and plays Greensleeves. The soft, muted pastels and the tenderness in Santa's face make this music box a calming and joyous expression of faith. I'm tempted to keep it, since my own daughter was born early Christmas morning, but with a preschooler, a toddler and 3 cats in the house, fragile items are in constant danger of being annihilated. Maybe it would be better off with you?
Here's PPPPPPPorky PPPPPPig. For those of you out there who sell vintage, I've noticed that pop culture things, toys and cartoons sell pretty well. My Little Pony stuff, Looney Tunes, Scooby Doo, etc. So I'm hoping that Porky finds a home soon.

It was a great day for finds yesterday. If I'd had more money to spend I believe I could have bought a lot more sellable stuff, but alas, I was forced to make some hard choices. However, this beautiful Irish Bride and Groom from Royal Tara made the cut. Wouldn't it be a wonderful cake topper or wedding shower gift for the right couple? Bone china, made in Ireland and in perfect condition. I'm happy already thinking of the couple who will get this piece, whoever they are!

Wanna shop in my Etsy store? Click here on the link! Happy shopping! https://www.etsy.com/people/fatjoeyknitwear?ref=hdr_user_menu

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Max at 19 weeks, full of exclamation marks.
My children, (Izzy, age 3 and Max, 15 months) have already taught me volumes about life. Always, always, always carry snacks. The solemn promise of a two year old is worthless. A little lipstick on the walls will brighten up the darkest of dens.

But recently my son reminded me of an incredibly important lesson and I thought I'd share. Here it is: make sure your life has enough exclamation points. For example, Max is 15 months old. Everything, and I mean everything is new and exciting to him. If he could talk in sentences, it would sound something like this. "Mom!! MOM! There's a doggie! oh my gosh, oh my gosh, OHMYGOSH, I want to pet him. I GOT TO PET HIM! He licked my hand! I LOVE HIM!"

Or...."Mom! MOM!! Look out the window! Last night it was all blue and sparkly and TODAY it's completely different! There's TREES! And grass! And houses! And OHMYGOSH there's a DOG! CanIpethimcanipethimcanipet him, PLEASE?"

Or "Mom! MOM!! I'm in the bath tub! I LOVE the bathtub!! Look! I'm peeing! I'm peeing in the bath tub! HAHA! Isn't life great??"

Everything he does excites him greatly. Well, of course it does, he's not even two yet. Wonder is a lot harder to come by the time you're an adult. But Max's sentences ALL have exclamation points at the end. No wonder he can't wait to get up in the morning. Mine sentences go something more like this.

"Ugh, the baby's awake. I am so tired."
"I smell cat pee. Where did the cat pee."
"I'm going to the grocery store. Again. I am so tired."

And herein lies the problem. There's a lot in adults' lives that HAS to be done. There's no getting around it. Fine. I accept that. There's shopping and cooking and diapers and feedings and bills and cleaning and yard work and dusting, there's deadlines and  meetings and projects and papers, and on and on and on. And it must be done. It all must be done. So here's what I propose for all of us. More exclamation points. More wonder. More joy.

Whatever your day holds, take a page from Max's book and be sure to add in some exclamation points. It can be anything that, in your mind, gets an exclamation point at the end of the sentence. Like this: "Oh BOY, I get to go to Knitting Club tonight! I can't wait!" Or "Oh BOY! I'm going to watch the new Ken Burn's documentary and drink cheap wine. I can't wait!"

You may have to look for these things. Once exclamation points leave your sentences it can be hard to get them back. But it's important to try. Life contains a depressing amount of hum drum periods, tiresome commas, and troubling question marks. Sprinkle in some exclamation points and watch your day come alive. I have to go now. My son is adding more exclamation points to his day.
"Mommy, look! I'm playing in the potty! WHEEEEEEE!" Have fun!