Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Some great finds at GW this week. Among the 1 dollar wine glasses and coffee mugs, this caught my eye. Oooo, baby, I knew it was a good find. Vintage Royal Doulton bunny cup and bowl.

Next I found a Littlest Pet Shop set, but so many of the pieces were missing I wasn't sure it was a good deal. (i.e. something I could sell for profit.) So I left it there. Maybe that was a mistake, does anybody know? I'm learning as I go!

I was looking for the missing pieces to the Littlest Pet Shop when I found these guys instead. Vintage, new in the package. Since they were only a dollar, I decided to risk it. If they wouldn't sell my kids would still love them. So I was pretty juiced to find them listed for 28 dollars online. Not a bad haul at all for a quick run. Thank you Gods of Thrift, for smiling upon me this day.

The other part of Fat Joey Knitwear, Vintage and Crafts is suddenly thriving. (WOOHOO!) I have fallen deeply in love with crochet. It's serious, people. I've made a bunch of cotton Swiffer covers in  half double crochet stitch and graduated to double crochet to make this beautiful, creamy infinity scarf.
Now I'm obsessed with them. I've made and sold two this week (in JULY!) and am working simultaneously on three more. Message me in the comment section to order one for yourself. Remember WINTER IS COMING!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Little Orphan Annie Doll, Tweety Bird Mug, Lisa Frank stencils and more.

Wow, it's already the 10th of July. Let's see if I can get out a quick blog post while my monkeys eat their waffles and watch Wild Kratts. I'd better type fast!

I've had a lot of fun and some very good luck with thrift stores lately. Here's my latest haul. The Little Orphan Annie Doll I nearly missed, but I'm so glad I didn't. She was made by Knickerbocker in 1982and still has her faithful pal Sandy peeping out of her pocket. Currently she's hiding out in my office, so my 4 year old doesn't see her and 'adopt" her. She'll go to my Etsy shop, Fat Joey Knitwear. I hope she brings another little girl (or big girl) sweet dreams and happy memories. Online she is selling for between 14 and 25 dollars.

The Tweety Bird mug is from 1991 and made by Warner Brothers. They are selling for between 8-14 dollars online, so he'll go in my Etsy shop too, just as soon as I have a minute to list him. He's in perfect condition, he only needs a dunk in a sudsy sink to remove the newsprint smudges from when they wrapped him up.

The Lisa Frank stencils were a coup! New in the package, vintage from the 80s. Awww, yeah.... Remember doodling over your Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper folders in home room? They are already listed in my Etsy store, so go take a peak! https://www.etsy.com/shop/fatjoeyknitwear?ref=pr_shop_more

I just love this vintage silver plate mirror. The glass is in tact, but I don't know how to photograph reflective things without getting me in the shot! Does anybody know how to do that?? Let me know! And finally, here's this sweet Holly Hobby figurine. She's in mint condition and still has her original tags. Have a great day Fat Joeys and happy hunting!

The Mother Lode

Whew! We've been busy, busy, busy here at Fat Joey Knitwear, Vintage and Crafts. Lots of thrifting, promoting my Stage Combat Intensive, keeping the monkeys entertained over summer break, Father's Day, birthdays, etc. etc. etc. But I've made some truly exciting finds and I'm hoping they'll bring in some Do-Re-Mi.

I wasn't sure why I felt compelled to go to Goodwill's on Saturday night but when I got there I was very pleased to find this 1974 Fisher Price register. I see them selling for 20-30 dollars online and I was happy with that. I was making my usual rounds through knick knacks when I turned and looked down AND STOPPED BREATHING. Oh Lord, it's the Mother Lode. The find that everyone dreams about. Bags and bags and BAGS of high end, untouched, Plymouth ALPACA YARN. And it's all mine. It's gorgeous stuff, 63% alpaca, butter soft and snuggly. And I've already sold 17 skeins of it. Here is what's left. I've already sold most of the black, powder blue and some of the pink.

Color me happy. I've made back the money I spent and now I have lots of free yarn! I'll make Christmas presents with it, stock for my Fat Joey Knitwear shop (you HAVE visited my Etsy store, right? ;) )or sell it outright. Good times. Have a great day and happy hunting!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Estate Sale Goodies

WHEW! I've been inspired by this neat new blog, MissBargainHuntress, to do more with my Etsy shop and garage sale and thrift store treasure hunting. The trouble is, my schedule doesn't always allow for shopping on weekend mornings, the very BEST time to hit yard sales. I was able, this weekend, to drop by an Estate Sale (I was supposed to be picking up kitty litter - oops!) where I found these gorgeous 925 sterling silver Celtic earrings. I don't know exactly what the stones are, they look like blue topaz to me, but I couldn't say for sure.

What I was certain about was that they would sell, before they even got to my Etsy store....and they did. HUZZAH! I wish I had a dozen more pairs! Now I'm waiting impatiently for this Saturday. Who knows what treasures we'll find? Are you with me? ;)

Friday, June 5, 2015

Out on a limb....

So yesterday I signed my first contract as a producer. And my hands didn't even shake. Much. When I say "producer" I should explain. I'm not backing a film or a show, I'm hosting and putting together a stage combat workshop. What is stage combat, you may ask? Weeeeelllll, stage combat is how actors perform violence in movies, tv and on stage without ever hurting anyone. Think of the knife fight in West Side Story or the duels in Romeo and Juliette. Or the fights in the movie Gladiator? All stage combat. Choreographed, simulated violence to tell a dramatic story. And it's HELLA fun to do.

But guess what? Here in Delaware, there aren't currently any ongoing stage combat classes. And that makes me sad. I don't WANT to take a Mommy and Me Yoga class, I want to swing my BROADSWORD at somebody. (and yes, I DO own a broadsword. She's 4 pounds and I can wield her one handed, if I have to. I keep her under the bed.) So what's a scrappy lass to do? Why, bring the fighting to DE, of course! 

And that's how that all got started. A buddy of mine in the Society of American Fight Director's, Michael Chin, is a sanctioned Fight Master. And he's agreed to come on down from New York City, where he teaches at a little arts school named Juilliard. (Ever heard of it?). He'll teach the fighting, biting and smiting and I'm throwing together the particulars, such as location, students, tuition, publicity, etc. I just signed a contract with Opera Delaware to rent this space for two days. Ulp. And pay them for it. Double ulp. So now it's really real.

To make this workshop fly I need ten paying actor/combatants. That's enough to rent the space, pay Mike, feed and water him, put him in a hotel for two nights and pay for transportation. 10. I need 10. That is the number I'm meditating on today. If you have any good vibes, send 'em my way. Think 10, people!

If you want to learn more about The Delaware Down and Dirty, click here!


Have a great day and fight nice, everyone!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

OOOO, lookey! Fat Joey Knitwear's orange baby hat with flower was featured in this beautiful treasury! Thanks, Tatyana! www.etsy.com/treasury/MjE4MTExOTZ8MjcyNDk5MjQwOQ/orange-treasury

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What else is in my Etsy shop, you may ask? Oh, many, many things. I specialize in hand knit goodies and vintage treasure. A portion from every sale goes directly to charity in honor of the Late, Great Fat Joey, pictured here.

Joey, who hated Easter. I wonder why?
In fact, if you've never heard it, here is the story of Fat Joey Knitwear. Enjoy and see you soon!
Fat Joey Knit Wear (warm as a kitten) was created to honor the memory of the late, great Fat Joey. Joey (who was really only ever big-boned) was a foundling rescued from the mean streets of Philadelphia and my constant companion for twelve years. It broke my heart when he passed away in 2009.

Since I also volunteer at local animal shelters, I thought the best way to remember Joe would be to help other critters have food, medical attention and eventually, loving homes. Therefore a portion from every sale of FJKW goes to either the Paws shelter in Philadelphia, or City Kitties, in West Philly. Sometimes it's 10%, sometimes it's a 100%!

I was thrilled when I first realized my knits would sell and deeply grateful to be able to help the kitties, even in a small way. Thank you so much for stopping by. Wishing you every happiness,

Me and Fat Joey (in spirit)
Here is a link to my shop, if you want to nose around. I add things often, so stop by frequently to see all the latest. https://www.etsy.com/shop/fatjoeyknitwear?ref=pr_shop_more